DC Metro Theater Arts praised

“Licata’s vibrant and affecting love of music, dazzling virtuosity on the violin, and obvious enjoyment of playing.”

Nitelife Exchanges hailed Licata’s

“intelligent improvisation and a flawless light touch. Her musical chops are impeccable.”

According to BroadwayWorld,

“So much passion and intensity from one musician is breathtaking to behold. Hers is a power and a musical glory that must be caught in real-time for maximum appreciation.”

“What a sheer joy to hear and watch Marissa in action. Her Joie de vivre says it all: passion and warmth combine to bring her music to life. The melodies, rhythms and improvisation leave you spellbound. Whether solo or with her band, she captivates and enchants the listener. My memories of working with her in the last few years are rekindled watching her live leading her own band. She is a true inspiration to her fellow band-mates and colleges. Go Marissa!”

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

“Marissa is “the real deal” and I mean that, not the cliché …Norah Jones, Susan Tedeschi, and Grace Kelly all played with my band when they were emerging artists and I can absolutely compare her to any of these great talents one on one.  Marissa is able to borrow from several genres including jazz, blues, and rock, and create exciting soulful music.  “

James Montgomery

“Marissa’s passion, stage presence and energy in her music are contagious. “

Grace Kelly

“Marissa is a violinist who inspires me to continue exploring different styles of music. In addition to being a fiercely trained classical violinist, she is a fluent improviser in many ethnic and folk styles she comes across; Latin, Klezmer and Rock, to name a few.

I am so honored to have Marissa as both a friend and a colleague. In addition to being the life of the party, Marissa is also a consummate professional. I have worked with her in the Jethro Tull Orchestra and with various Dave Stewart projects. I look forward to playing with her often, and I know that she has a bright future.”

Ann Marie Calhoun, Rock violin soloist

“Violinist Marissa Licata was the winner of the Mae and Fletcher Fisch Young Artist Competition, playing the final movement of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. Young artists love to show off their technique, sometimes at their own peril, but Licata had the chops to pull of the work’s whistling scale work and high harmonics.”

Willa J. Conrad, Star Ledger